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. 11. . dler porz ns is 1. 6. Tension between ethnicities, beliefs and regional and global developments can have an impact on the way the public perceives migration. 4. dler porz ns is 1.. 92. But at the same time, questions of solidarity also arise when migrants share countries, rather than specific regions, with co-citizens. 7. It was not long before EU policies took on a much broader dimension and resulted in the establishment of the Single European Market (SEM) in 1993. Ruzgarlık Ajansı. . 5. 10.1. 5.. Download 1. . 92. . The framework, which is currently under review, is meant to enable the EU to provide for a better distribution of asylum-seekers. 36. In this respect, the European Parliament has recognised the need for a genuine EU immigration policy. In 2006, its members decided to create an agency that would pursue the implementation of a common asylum policy. 7. 33. and the EP. 26. To respond to the problems that had arisen. In the early 1990s, the first exploratory proposals were made and the discussion moved from the context of asylum to the issue of immigration. Two other ideas were proposed: first, that the decision-making be transferred from the level of the Member States to the level of the EU; and second, that the agency that would be responsible for managing the new policy should be established in Brussels. By the end of the 1990s, some Member States had recognised the need for an immigration policy within the EU. In 1999, the European Parliament's first Intergroup on Immigration proposed a minimum of EUR 12,000 per asylum-seeker. The EU institutions established the agency that would be responsible for the development of an immigration policy. In 1998, the Asylum and Immigration Agency (today's Office for Migration and Refugees) was established by Decision 762/98 of the Council of Ministers of the EU. In 2002, a new proposal for a common immigration policy was put forward ac619d1d87

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